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If you are competing in a sport has a team component to it, including any doubles format. It is important that your team captain (or first registrant) completes the Team Management Form first (Team Management), so that players within your team can select the team they are joining.
Click on “Register New Team” to the right of the screen, and begin completing the form to create your team.
IMPORTANT – Your “Team Name” should include the following “CITY – TEAM NAME – SPORT”


The Password you enter is the password you will need to communicate to your team members so that they can add themselves to the team. The Admin Password is for the team captain to log in and manage the team if required - The team captain will receive these details via email.

Sports that require teams to be setup include:
- Badminton (Doubles)
- Bridge
- Tenpin Bowling (Doubles & Mixed Teams)
- Tennis (Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
- Touch Rugby
- Volleyball


Step 1
Select the Option “Click HERE to Register” on the registration page. This will take you to a list of registration types including Volunteers, Supporters and a list of sports.

Volunteers and Supporters should select which category applies to them and Sporting Participants should select the sport that they wish to compete in, and select the category that applies to them to start the registration process.

NOTE – Sporting participants can register as a volunteer as well as a participant. If you are competing in a sport and wish to volunteer, please complete the registration for your sport, and then “Add Another Registration” and select “Volunteer” to complete the volunteer registration before checking out.
You can log back in after registering for your sport and add other events and register as a volunteer later if you change your mind.

Step 2
Complete the User Information to create an account for your registrations. This account can be used for multiple people if 1 person is looking after multiple registrations, or if a couple wishes to register together.
If you are joining a team, please click the "Select Team" tab, enter your team name & password - Your team captain will have these details.

Step 3
Answer the questions relevant to your sport ensuring you answer every question required. In some cases (dependant on sport) this section does not allow you to select your specific events that you wish to compete in, i.e. swimming. The events section will happen at Step 5

Step 4
This step allows you to select if you wish to have an AT HOP Card (Pre-paid Auckland Transport Card). Please select these additional components before continuing.

Step 5
This screen is where you need to add which events you want to compete in for your sport. Select “Event +” on the right hand side of the screen, followed by “+ Add Event” Select the Category and Event that you wish to enter and click “Next”.

Some sports may require additional information at this stage, i.e. Qualification time. Complete as required, and then “Add Event to Registration
If you wish to add multiple events, repeat the process above until you have entered all the events you wish to register for within your sport.

Step 6
Your Cart will show you what you have registered for, and selecting “Pay Now” will take you to the secure payment method window for the online credit card payment. If you wish to add another sport or registration, click the "Add Another Registration" tab.

Once payment has been processed, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address confirming your registration details.